Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fuck you!

So, I arrive to my 4 hour analytical reading class.
I come in late bout 15 mins, so I lost my back seat, I had to sit in the middle next to this faggot bitch adjacent to my seat. Everything was cool, teacher passed out a stack of papers from person to person, this 0/19 looking skinnyfat pudgy face fat belly bitch, just stood there, instead of passing me those fucking papers reading it.... I was like " Are you going to pass me those papers or just keep wasting my time" She goes "uhhh HERE" 
She was drinking a can of monster sip by sip like she was some sorta hotshot LOL! what I drunk those in like 4th grade lololool, anyways we was doing our response papers, 2 people behind me, 5/10 girl fat sonabitch mexicunt. he keeps trying to flirt with her making lame ass jokes, saying how he never used the word 'coogaran' nigger keeps on talking to this bitch, im trying to do my work yadda yadda. He left early, I get done with my work and walk out, hes outside waiting for the bitch. Im like " Waiting for your girlfriend?" 
Him: "oh no, shes not my girlfriend"
me: "Then fucking quit talking to her like she is and stfu when im trying to do my work"
He says nothing

I walk away alpha as fuck.

Then at the gym... i encountered a gym hoe. with golden fucking cowboy boots.


Lol yeaaaaaa.


  1. this pretty much works for me.

    smoochies n' poopies. :*

  2. where do you live, and why does it sound so funny

  3. There were times in college I wanted to do this too. I'm just not alpha enough. :)

  4. RAGE

    Also...golden cowboy a gym? Seriously? :|

  5. @ Carousellian, I live in Palm Springs... and it sounds so funny cause it was so stupid lol

    @ Vivi Bee Yup :\ with light blue booty shorts

  6. I enjoy the word mexicunt a bit too much...

  7. Haha sounds like a normal day where I live sadly. and lol about the alpha as fuck.

  8. your post today is amaizing! i like it!
    supportin & follouing!

  9. Fuck yeah golden fucking cowboy boots.

  10. I'm sure you're just jelly, I bet they look awesome on you!

  11. great post! i like it!
    supportin& following!

  12. >I'm sure you're just jelly, I bet they look awesome on you!

    Ha no.

  13. The gods for murder seemed so content Following!